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Five Good Reasons To Invest In Your Own Semi

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Driving for a living is a great way to escape the 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. rat race and office politics. However, when you work for a trucking firm, you still aren't in control of when you work and where you travel. The obvious solution to this is branching out on your own and investing in your own semi rig. It doesn't have to be an impossible dream. By starting with a previously-owned rig and securing financing at a reasonable interest rate, you can realize your dream of becoming an owner-operator much sooner than you might have thought possible. However, setting your own schedule and routes is just one of many good reasons for investing in your own semi.

1. Potential for higher profits. When you own your own rig, you not only set your own schedule, but you set your own pricing (without market constraints) and have the potential for earning much more than the set per mile rate you are used to earning by working for a trucking company.

2. Choice of loads. Another advantage to branching out on your own is that you have the ability to choose what type of load you'll be hauling. You can specialize in a particular trucking segment or be a generalist and accept whatever your customers need hauled and delivered.

3. Choice of co-workers. As an owner-operator, you can also choose if you work with anyone else and pick those you work with. You may opt to have someone ride with you for longer hauls or, perhaps, hire someone to take orders, answer your phone calls and emails, pay your bills, and/or manage your accounts.

4. Ability to manage your own schedule. When you work for yourself, you can work when you want and take time off for family obligations and vacation when you want. You're not chained to a set schedule as you can be when you work for a trucking firm. (However, as an owner-operator, you won't have paid vacation or paid sick time, so the more time you take off, the less money you'll make.)

5. Control over your business. Perhaps the most attractive benefit of owning your own semi rig and becoming an owner-operator is that you'll have more control over every aspect of your business. If a customer, employee, or route isn't working well for you, you can simply change it. If you need to make more money, you can try to add customers and work longer hours.

While becoming a semi owner-operator is not the right choice for every trucker, this option allows you to set your own hours; choose your own employees, routes, and loads; and potentially make a lot more money than you would working as an employee of a trucking firm.

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6 February 2017