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Having Car Trouble? Signs It Could Be Your Transmission

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If you have been having trouble with your car and it has not been driving as well as it should, you may find yourself wondering what could possibly be going on with your vehicle. While there are numerous systems that all need to work together to keep your car running, there are some that will cause more noticeable problems than others when they begin to malfunction. One of those high-impact systems is your transmission. Get to know some of the common signs that your car trouble could be due to your transmission so you can take your vehicle to a transmission shop as soon as possible if you notice any of those signs.

It Is Difficult For Your Vehicle To Shift Gears

One of the primary functions of your transmission system is to help your vehicle shift gears as you accelerate or decelerate. This is true of both an automatic transmission and a manual transmission. As such, one of the most noticeable signs of transmission problems is when your vehicle begins to have chronic problems with shifting gears.

If you find yourself accelerating and your car is not shifting up properly, it means that your transmission is not firing properly. Your transmission may also have a lag issue, meaning that it is slower than usual to shift gears.

Your Engine Is At High RPMs Even When Idling

Another sign that your car is experiencing transmission problems is when your engine seems to be running at high RPMs. RPMs (revolutions per minute) are generally low when your engine is idling or in gear. When you are accelerating and your gears are shifting, the RPM will increase temporarily.

Problems occur when your engine's RPMs are running high at odd times. For example, if you are stopped at a stop sign or even in park, your engine should not be revving on its own or running at high RPMs. Alternatively, when your car is in gear, you should also not see your RPMs running at high levels. This is a sign that the communications between your engine and your transmission system are off and need to be dealt with.

You Notice Liquid or Staining Where Your Car Was Parked

Your transmission requires fluid to function properly. The transmission fluid helps to lubricate the moving parts of the system and prevent friction and damage to the transmission when those parts are moving. However, that fluid is supposed to stay within the transmission system.

As such, when you notice stains or pools of fluid underneath your vehicle where it has been parked, you may be looking at serious problems with your transmission. If the transmission fluid is leaking, you run the risk of severe damage to your transmission any time your vehicle runs.

With these signs of transmission trouble in mind, you can be sure that you get to a transmission shop, like Mr Transmission, as soon as possible if these issues are affecting your vehicle.


14 March 2017