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4 Overlooked Auto Body Repair Expenses

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From fender-benders to rear-end collisions, the exterior of a car can get completely ruined in an auto wreck, necessitating auto collision repair. Whether you can get a hold of used parts from a junkyard or already have a brand new hood, door, or grille on the way, you're going to have to pay other expenses to get your vehicle fixed. Make sure you add in these four regularly overlooked auto collision repair costs before you take your vehicle to the shop.

1. Auto Body Painting Expenses - Often, when auto collision repair shops look to order replacement parts, they aren't able to find parts that match the color of the vehicles they are fixing. Either you can hope that eventually a perfectly matching part will come up, or you can just get any color part and have it painted to match your car. Expect to pay more to have your vehicle painted so that the exterior is one uniform color.

2. Car Part Customization - If replacement car parts that perfectly fit your vehicle can be found, no customization will be needed. Unfortunately, there are vehicle parts that require precise customization so that they will fit your car without scraping the ground or causing damage to other exterior parts, and part customization will cost extra. Ask your auto collision repair technician if customization will be needed on any auto body parts so you aren't shocked when the total amount is calculated.

3. Differences In Labor Costs - It may cost a particular amount of money per hour in labor to do certain types of repair, but you may have several different kinds of labor being performed on your car. While the auto painter will change you to prime, sand, and re-paint your vehicle at one rate, the mechanic attaching your new car doors may bill you differently. When you are going to estimate how much it costs for auto collision repair, don't leave out these important variables.

4. Alternative Transportation - Do you know how long it is going to take for your vehicle to get completely repaired, and are you in a position where you won't need alternative transportation in the meanwhile? Whether you decide to rent a car or take the bus during the auto collision repair process, don't forget to think about the extra expenses as well as the inconvenience. If you have a friend that will let you borrow his or her car or a co-worker that will take you to and from work, be very thankful because most drivers end up paying extra when their cars need collision repair services.

For more information about different fees and expenses for auto body repair, contact an auto repair shop in your area, such as Collisions Plus Performance.


21 March 2017