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Buying A BMW For The First Time? 3 Things To Know

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Drivers who are looking for high performance in addition to style are often attracted to the vehicles offered by BMW. These automobiles offer great handling, the latest technology, and top of the line features. While there are plenty of reasons to buy a BMW, they do differ from other auto manufacturers in a few different ways. For those who are purchasing a BMW for the first time, there are a few thing to know before making their decision: 

Buying Used May Be The Best Value

Getting a brand new BMW may be a dream for many drivers. However, for those who are looking to save money, buying used may be a better decision. On average a car will lose about 19 percent of its total value in the first year of ownership. Given the fact that BMW's can be rather pricey, depreciation can really add up. For those who plan to keep their BMW for years, this isn't a major issue. However, those who may sell their vehicle just a couple of years down the road may find that a used vehicle makes more sense financially.

Maintenance Can Be Expensive

Another thing to consider before purchasing a BMW is maintenance and repair. Many BMW owners may be surprised to find that BMW maintenance and repairs tend to be pricier than expected. In fact, BMW's are considered to be one of the most expensive cars to maintain and repair. Over the course of 10 years, it can cost up to $17,800 to maintain a BMW. The good news is that for most buyers, BMW will offer free maintenance during the four-year warranty offered by the company. Those who are purchasing used should check to see if their car is within this warranty period and should factor maintenance costs into their budgets. Repairs are also rather pricey. Those who are looking for less expensive BMW repair can save 20 to 60 percent on repairs by using a private certified BMW mechanic instead of going to the dealership.

Insurance Costs

While BMW repair and maintenance is often costly compared to other vehicles, drivers of these cars may be happy to learn that they are often less expensive to insure. BMW's offer excellent safety features which help bring insurance costs down. The average yearly price to insure a BMW is $1,966.82 and BMW's rank 30th out of 36 in terms of insurance rates. The lower insurance costs are certainly attractive to most drivers.

There are plenty of reasons to purchase a BMW. They are stylish, safe, and handle the roads well. However, there are a few things that first-time buyers of BMW's should know. Given the high upfront cost, purchasing used may be a better value for some drivers. Repair and maintenance costs also tend to run higher with these cars. The good news is that the advanced safety features on BMW's can lead to much lower car insurance costs.   


2 June 2017