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3 Ways to Help Your Teen Driver Deal with a Car Break Down

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The thought of your teen driver getting behind the wheel of their vehicle and driving on their own can be worrisome enough, but you also may stress out when you consider that they could break down on the side of the road. If you fear that your teen is going to have a flat tire or other problem while you are away or can't answer the phone, it's best to prepare for the situation in advance. Here are some things that you should do with your teen.

Teach the Basics Right Away

Teach your teenager the basics, so they can handle a situation when the vehicle isn't working as it should, or when there is a minor problem. Some basic skills would include:

  • Jump starting a vehicle with jumper cables
  • Checking the oil
  • Changing a flat tire

If the teen can do these things, they may be able to get themselves out of a jam. Adding oil, setting up jumper cables, and replacing a tire with a spare or donut is easy and safe if they have been trained properly.

Have an Emergency Kit in the Car

Busy roads and distracted drivers can cause a lot of stress. Have a kit with markers to put around the vehicle, a flasher to put on the markers or the car, and all of the items that may be needed to get the car up and running again if there is a problem. You may also want to include snacks, a flashlight and other survival items in the kit.

Have a Go-to Towing Company

Have a towing company service programmed in their cell phone, or written down in the glove box of the car. This way you know they are calling a company that you trust with their vehicle, if they can't get a hold of you, and choose a company that you know your auto insurance company will accept. Call around and get prices before installing this number into their phone.

If you travel a lot because of your occupation, you work a job where you can't always check your cell phone or take calls throughout the day, or you work weird hours at night, you want to know that your teen can get home safely if their vehicle breaks down. Set up an account for them to get rides around if needed when you set up these other things for them.


10 July 2017