3 Signs You Should Live In An RV Full-Time

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When you think about the best living situation for you, you might think about homes versus apartments. You might not think about living full-time in an RV, but this can be a good option for a lot of people. These are a few signs that you may want to consider doing so. 1. You're on a Budget For one thing, you should know that full-time RV living can be a good option if you are on a tight budget.

31 October 2017

3 Ways to Help Your Teen Driver Deal with a Car Break Down

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The thought of your teen driver getting behind the wheel of their vehicle and driving on their own can be worrisome enough, but you also may stress out when you consider that they could break down on the side of the road. If you fear that your teen is going to have a flat tire or other problem while you are away or can't answer the phone, it's best to prepare for the situation in advance.

10 July 2017

Buying A BMW For The First Time? 3 Things To Know

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Drivers who are looking for high performance in addition to style are often attracted to the vehicles offered by BMW. These automobiles offer great handling, the latest technology, and top of the line features. While there are plenty of reasons to buy a BMW, they do differ from other auto manufacturers in a few different ways. For those who are purchasing a BMW for the first time, there are a few thing to know before making their decision: 

2 June 2017

Taking Your Family On A Camping Trip

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Going camping is a great way to bond with your family every now and then. Rather than everyone being preoccupied with television and other electronics, your family will have the opportunity to enjoy long conversations and participate in a lot of fun activities. However, going camping might not be exciting the first time if you have not properly prepared for the trip. You must thing about several aspects of the trip before actually leaving home, such as where everyone will sleep without feeling uncomfortable.

25 April 2017

4 Overlooked Auto Body Repair Expenses

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From fender-benders to rear-end collisions, the exterior of a car can get completely ruined in an auto wreck, necessitating auto collision repair. Whether you can get a hold of used parts from a junkyard or already have a brand new hood, door, or grille on the way, you're going to have to pay other expenses to get your vehicle fixed. Make sure you add in these four regularly overlooked auto collision repair costs before you take your vehicle to the shop.

21 March 2017

Having Car Trouble? Signs It Could Be Your Transmission

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If you have been having trouble with your car and it has not been driving as well as it should, you may find yourself wondering what could possibly be going on with your vehicle. While there are numerous systems that all need to work together to keep your car running, there are some that will cause more noticeable problems than others when they begin to malfunction. One of those high-impact systems is your transmission.

14 March 2017

Five Good Reasons To Invest In Your Own Semi

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Driving for a living is a great way to escape the 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. rat race and office politics. However, when you work for a trucking firm, you still aren't in control of when you work and where you travel. The obvious solution to this is branching out on your own and investing in your own semi rig. It doesn't have to be an impossible dream. By starting with a previously-owned rig and securing financing at a reasonable interest rate, you can realize your dream of becoming an owner-operator much sooner than you might have thought possible.

6 February 2017